Who am I?


My name is Danté Jordan. 

Professionally, I’ve been a cannabis writer, covering information about cannabis education, strains, products, people, and culture since 2016. I host a monthly column for Weedmaps called The Drop, where I talk about new cannabis strains and delicious smokeables; and another column called Strains that Made, where I discuss successful companies and the products that built them. My work is also featured on High Times, Leafly, Thrillist, and many other platforms. 

Personally, I’m just a dude from Oklahoma City.

What is Words Never Said?

Words Never Said publishes weekly on Fridays at 6am PT. 

Words Never Said is a playground for me to write about the intersections between human behavior and this thing called life. It’s a place for me to be free of Right vs Wrong, and instead, simply discuss some of my greatest interests and observations in a funny/relatable manner. Topics surround cannabis, psychedelics, travel, entertainment, and pretty much anything else that I love.

How much does Words Never Said cost?

For free, you get barred to death on a weekly basis. What a deal!


Danté Jordan
I'm just here to talk about life. Everything else is bonus.